Pizza marinara with tomato sauce, anchovies and black olives – classical Italian pizza recipe. Try this homemade pizza with marinara sauce – simple, healthy and low calorie dish of Mediterranean Diet.

    Pizza Marinara Recipe

    Servings: 4
Prep Time: Cook Time:


  • 200 g of Italian 00 Flour (Manitoba Flour)
  • 300 g of All-purpose Flour
  • 300 ml of Warm Water
  • 4 tbsp of Olive oil
  • 2 tsp of Salt
  • 1 tsp of Sugar
  • 5 g of Fresh Yeast
  • 400 g of Tomato puree
  • 50 g of Anchovies 2 tbsp of Olive Oil
  • ~ 80 g of Pitted Black Olives
  • 1.5 tsp of Dried Oregano
  • 2 tbsp of Capers
  • 1 tsp of Salt


  1. Put the yeast in a small bowl, add sugar. Pour a small amount of warm water. Leave for 15 minutes in a warm place.
  2. Sift flour into a large bowl. Add the yeast and start kneading the dough. Add a little water at a time, the optimum water temperature is 25°C. When you have poured half the liquid, add salt, continuing to knead until you get a homogeneous mixture. Add oil, continuing to knead.
  3. Move the dough to the work surface and roll it into a ball. Put the dough in a bowl, cover with cling film, leave to approach for 2 hours.
  4. At the end of this time, the dough will double in size. Put the dough on a floured board, knead it a little, divide into 4 pieces, roll each piece into a ball. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes under the napkin.
  5. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, oregano and 1 tsp of salt to tomato puree, mix well.
  6. Lightly roll the dough to a size of ~ 25-30 cm diameter. Put the dough on a baking tray or a metal pizza spatula. Bake at 270C (or maximum oven temperature) for 2 minutes.
  7. Remove from the oven, smear the surface of the pizza with tomato paste, add capers. Put anchovy fillets and olives. Bake for another 8-10 minutes.
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Pizza Marinara Recipe
Pizza Marinara